Weekly Themes

This summer, we’re getting charged up about S.T.E.M. at summer day camp.

Each week we’ll have a new theme to help campers embrace the power of pretend play to discover new skills, build self-confidence, make new friends and feel a sense of achievement.

5/25 – 5/29: The Element of Surprise

Character trait: Fairness
Surprise! Here is where science becomes an adventure as we discover the Cosmic Recipe: Setting the Periodic Table. Learn the science behind the ingredients in our favorite foods. Discover how the ‘Big Bang’ cooked up everyday elements such as calcium in our teeth, silicon in smart phones and even the carbon in apple pies.

6/1 – 6/5: Imagine. Invent. Inspire.

Character trait: Citizenship
Oh, the goals we will set! Oh, the things we will see! Be inspired to invent and dream big as we explore new faces and places through the magical world of creativity. Engage your senses and challenge your mind, unlock your logic to see what you’re capable of and make it so. With crafts, games, and team building activities aimed at gaining problem solving skills, creativity and innovation, every camper will see the power of his or her potential.

6/8 – 6/12: Let’s Get Chemical

Character trait: Caring
Lab coats ✅, protective eyewear ✅, beacon ✅… Explore the magic of chemistry by performing different science “magic tricks,” become a worker in the slime factory, ride a rainbow of rays, and delight in the science of yum!

6/15 – 19: CSI: Camper, Science, Investigations

Character trait: Responsibility
Get ready, Super Science Sleuths! We’re cracking the codes on mysteries, myths, and more to have some forensics fun. Put on your thinking caps, grab your microscopes, and find some gloves because Camper Science Investigators are on the case. You can run, but you can’t hide from CSI!

6/22 – 6/26: Up & Atom

Character trait: Respect
Grab your lab coat and running shoes—It’s a mad scientist race for glory! We’re moving like electrified electrons and we can’t stop! We’ll move our way through physical science and explore motion on a molecular level.

6/29 – 7/3: Be the Energy You Want to Attract

Character trait: Honesty
Eureka! The positive vibes are pumping through our veins. It’s time to hop on the energy bus and cruise through camp. Feel the warmth of the sun and the breeze of the wind, it’ll charge you up. This experience will be positively refreshing!

7/6 – 7/10: Have a Moment of Science

Character trait: Responsibility
Put on your thinking cap and let’s explore all the careers in STEM. We will travel with Flat Stanley to our Thingamajig Science Invention Convention where we will learn about all things SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING and MATH. We’ll discover how these topics affect our everyday lives in ways we didn’t expect!

7/13 – 7/17: Think Like a Proton—Always Positive

Character trait: Caring
Let’s charge up those POSITIVE thoughts! This week, our campers will get a positive charge as we dive into atom bonding and positive thinking. See what we can uncover when we “PERIODICALLY” mix elements together or the reaction you receive when some elements react to the presence of air and other chemical compounds. No matter the outcome, always “Think Positive!”

7/20 – 7/24: Art is I, Science is We

Character trait: Fairness
Full STEAM ahead! Alone we are SMART together we are BRILLIANT. This week’s adventures will require some major teamwork to complete the task ahead, from diving into the sea, to exploring the celestial sky, we will unearth many exciting discoveries this week as one T.E.A.M (Together Everyone Accomplishes More)

7/27 – 7/31: In Science, We Trust

Character trait: Honesty
Science gets social. Discover new places, new faces, new currencies, and new ideas to become a Global Citizen. Understand the power of the people and how to make a positive impact in society and the environment—in your community, in the world, and everywhere in between. Let’s get connected!

8/3 – 8/7: You Matter. Literally!

Character trait: Citizenship
Come join us as we learn why everything matters! Whether it is health or self-esteem, science opens a colorful world of possibilities, so why not dive on in and enjoy the fun? This week will help form a solid foundation for growing into a healthy, happy and educated individual in our community and beyond.

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