Weekly Themes

6/7 – 6/11: GAME ON!

Character Trait: Respect
Get ready for super fun challenges that include messy stunts and trivia related to food, sports, music, television and more. Campers will compete in sports challenges that grow their determination, skills and teamwork! Our campers will also face off in mind blowing games, physical challenges and all around silliness to channel their camp spirit as we kick-off summer camp. It’s GAME ON at the First Coast Y Camps!

6/14 – 6/18: Route 66: Road Trippin’ in the U.S.A

Character Trait: Citizenship
Did you know the United States is the third largest country in the world by land size alone? With over 57 MILLION square miles, there is so much to discover from sea to shining sea. So pack your bags, buckle your seatbelt, and get ready for our road trip through the US of A. We’ll be learning all about historical landmarks, famous people, and the diverse geography that makes American beautiful!

6/21 – 6/25: BE THE CHANGE, Lend a Hand.

Character Trait: Fairness
The real superheroes to the rescue to save summer! Did you know that not all super heroes wear capes? This week, we’ll be learning all about the Essential Workers that are always here for us! From hospital staff, to the fire department, police force, our grocery store workers and everyone in between… everyone matters here! We’ll tie in STEM, Art, Literacy and Character Development to make it the best week ever! As a seed grows and blooms into a flower so will our campers as we take a week committing to the community and making a difference.

6/28 – 7/2: Every Day’s a Celebration!

Character Trait: Caring
It’s always the holiday season if you have something to celebrate, and there’s lots to celebrate at Summer Day Camp! Mark your calendars for a Christmas in July, an early Fall Festival, a Summer Solstice and Independence Day celebration, and a lesson in Chinese New Year and Diwali. We’ll also be observing your personal accomplishments and special holidays – from the day you learned to ride a bike to an adoption day – there are never too many reasons to party!

7/5 – 7/9: Reading is Dreaming With Open Eyes!

Character Trait: Responsibility
Entering camp this week, you will be amazed by mythical creatures each with a different story that each camper will be the main character of. Princesses, dragons, and so much more! Let’s bring our favorite stories to life! Acting out your favorite story in group skits, storybook rap battles, learning about different authors, and ending our week with our Book Character Parade! This week is a festival for all forms of art to be seen and spoken.

7/12 – 7/16: Carnival Craze

Character Trait: Honesty
Believe it or not, everything at a carnival – from the games to the rides to the food in the stalls – is STEM! And nothing is better than learning while having fun. That’s why this week is dedicated to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, with a festive twist. Campers will enjoy building (and running) their own carnival game with recyclables, designing a ride with LEGO bricks, and experimenting with recipes to create the best fair food, Top Chef style. This is one wild week you won’t want to miss.

7/19 – 7/23: BUG OUT, Let’s SMELL the Flowers

Character Trait: Caring
Come explore the great outdoors from a bug’s eye view! We’ll be crawling, sliding, and hopping our way through a range of creepy crawly activities! From going on a bug hunt to winning a garden relay, we’ll be tangled in a web of enriching and fascinating adventures all week long!

7/26 – 7/30: Go for Gold, Olympics 2021

Character Trait: Respect
Campers become competitors in a Summer Olympics you won’t soon forget. Each group is assigned a country to represent throughout the week and, in addition to practicing Olympic events, campers will learn everything they need to know about their nation’s people, culture, and cuisine.

8/2 – 8/6: Like & Subscribe

Character Trait: Responsibility
Let’s end the summer with our decade madness! We’ll be going on a journey through time visiting all of our favorite decades. Each day we will visit a different decade, while learning about the different influencers, music, pop culture, sports and more! From the Harlem Renaissance, to the Rockin’ 50’s, Splat!…It’s the 90’s, Y…2K and everything in between! We’ll have TikTok Lip Sync Battles, dance parties, a fun service learning project and so much more!

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