Frequently Asked Questions

First Coast Games

How do I register to participate in First Coast Games?

Once your company’s participation is confirmed, you will receive internal communication about the online registration process.

When do the events take place?

First Coast Games events will take place in the spring/summer months (April – August). Events are scheduled one at a time – not ongoing throughout the games.

Can my spouse play on my company’s team?

Unfortunately no, unless your spouse works for the same company. At this time, First Coast Games remains a wellness challenge with our corporate partners.

Is there a fee to participate?

Yes, there is a fee for the corporate team based on the number of participating employees and the type of package selected. There is no individual participation fee. Please note: this fee is not based on the total number of employees at your company – ONLY the number of participating employees.

Can my company participate in only 1 or 2 sports?

All corporate teams must select one of two packages: “Pick 6” or “To Win and To Play.” At this time, there is no “a la carte” option.

Do I have to participate in every sport my company selects?

No. You can participate in as many of the selected sports as you wish. Whether you participate in ONE sport or many of them, your spot on your company’s team still counts as ONE.

How competitive is the competition?

Our events are divided into TWO Categories: TO WIN (slightly more competitive trophy sports / team building) and TO PLAY (relaxed rules, larger roster sizes and fun, easy team building)

Still have questions?

Contact Dana Troeger by phone at (904) 265-1809 or email at