A Member-led Community Service program

Togetherhood invites Y members to activate their social responsibility by participating in the Y’s cause to strengthen community. Togetherhood provides Y members with fun, convenient and rewarding ways to give back and support their neighbors.

Togetherhood is the YMCA’s Signature Program for Social Responsibility. This program invites Y members to lead and participate in volunteer service projects that benefit the community where they live.

The program is run through individual Y branches as a partnership between a committee of members and a Y Staff Advisor. It is designed to be a simple, fun and rewarding way for members to identify ways that they can give back and support their neighbors through their own ideas, skills and energy, and the network of the Y.

Since launching Togetherhood on the First Coast in 2015, our teams have completed four community projects: sprucing a community garden, leading cleanup and boardwalk repair at Little Talbot on Make a Difference Day, collecting box tops for Tiger Academy and hosting a fall festival for children in crisis.

Mission Statement: To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.