Nutrition Sandbox

Reaching and maintaining a healthier weight is important for your overall health and well being. At the Y, we’re here to support your wellness journey so that you can get to a healthier weight.

Why Consult With a Registered Dietitian

A registered dietitian is a medical professional certified by the American Dietetic Association. An RD must hold a Bachelor’s degree in nutrition, have a 900-hour professional internship and pass a board certifying exam.

Reasons to Meet with a Registered Dietitian

  • You want to eat smarter and make lifelong lifestyle changes
  • You want to make healthier choices and follow a meal plan
  • You have prediabetes, cardiovascular problems or high blood pressure
  • You are recovering from an injury or surgery
  • You have digestive problems
  • You need to gain or want to lose weight
  • You are caring for an aging parent or family member
  • You want to help your child grow up healthy
  • You want to improve your performance in sports
  • You are pregnant or trying to get pregnant
  • You need guidance and confidence for breast-feeding your baby

Weight Loss Programs

8-Week Weight Loss Support

The 8-week Weight Loss Support Program is a weekly support group led by a health and wellness coach. Each weekly support session is designed to assist members in reaching their weight loss goals. Sessions are held once/week for one hour for 8 consecutive weeks, with a different topic of focus each week from healthy eating to activity to sleep.

Member Rate: $80


To learn more, visit the Welcome Center at your Y or contact Kristy Cook.

12-Week Weight Loss Program

The YMCA’s Weight Loss Program offers nutritional and exercise support in a group setting with participants taking 12 classes over 12 weeks. Week one includes a screening and an individual appointment with a Registered Dietitian. The following weeks, participants will learn about nutrition, physical activity, motivation, and behavior change. Each week participants will spend one hour with a Registered Dietitian and one hour with a group personal trainer. This program also includes a subscription to My Y on Demand for the duration of the program.

YMCA Member Rate: $325
Non-member Rate: $500

Class topics:

  • Introductory class: healthy snacks
  • Carbohydrates and Fiber
  • Grocery Store Tour
  • Protein
  • Behavioral Changes – The Key to Lifestyle Change
  • Fat: The Good and The Bad
  • Eating Out
  • Mindful Eating
  • Snacking and Adding Color to your Diet
  • Meal Planning
  • Healthy Cooking
  • Keeping the Motivation

Individual Consult

Meet with a registered dietitian for a half-hour or one-hour session to receive personalized calorie, protein, carbohydrates, and fat needs, a suggested meal plan according to those needs, and guidance on implementing healthier eating habits. Registered dietitians are also available for disease specific counseling (i.e. Diabetes, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Allergies, etc.).

For more information please visit your neighborhood YMCA for member and non-member rates

Youth and Family Nutrition Consult

In YMCA Youth and Family Nutrition Consultations, our dietitians work together with you to help your child develop healthy habits through family nutrition support. Conveniently located at your neighborhood YMCA, we will create individual nutrition plans, discuss how to manage chronic diseases or illnesses, and achieve personal health goals as your child gets older.

YMCA Member Rate: Full-Hour – $50.00
Non-member Rate: Full-Hour – $65.00

Metabolism Testing

During this half-hour or one-hour consultation, a MedGem Metabolic Testing Device is used to measure your resting metabolism. A registered dietitian will use the numbers generated by the MedGem to determine your total calorie needs to reach your personal fitness goals. A one-hour consult includes the metabolism test, health status assessment, usual dietary intake, pertinent nutrition education, counseling and a personalized meal plan. A half-hour consult includes the metabolism test and an activity analysis.

YMCA Member Rate: Half-Hour – $90.00 | Full-Hour – $140.00
Non-member Rate: Half-Hour – $120.00 | Full-Hour – $175.00

For more information about the YMCA’s nutrition services and support, please contact:

Director of Healthy Living Innovations: Nutrition & Obesity

Diabetes Prevention Program

The YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program is designed to help you adopt and maintain healthy lifestyle changes over the course of one year. It is not a an exercise or nutrition lecture series. Instead, it is a year-long program broken down into 16 one-hour weekly sessions followed by bi-weekly and monthly sessions. Each session is in a classroom setting where a trained lifestyle coach facilitates a small group of participants in learning about healthier eating, physical activity, how to stay motivated and other behavior changes.

For more information about the YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program or Diabetes Support Group, please contact:

Lisa Peacock
Director of Healthy Living Innovations: Chronic Disease Prevention