Flagler Center YMCA Closed

Closing our doors and creating distance between the people we serve was previously unimaginable for an organization like ours, one that is committed to bringing people and communities closer together. Yet, six months ago due to COVID-19, this became our reality.

We are grateful our facilities are back open and we have been able to safely reactivate some of our key programs. However, the financial impact of the public health crisis continues with lower facility usage and program enrollment at our Ys across the First Coast.

With the approval of our Metropolitan Board of Directors, we are implementing a plan to ensure we can best serve our community now and into the future. This plan includes the following difficult, but necessary decisions:

  • Close the YMCA at Flagler Center
  • Reduce Branch Hours
  • Reduce Workforce and Implement Pay Cuts

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The last day for classes and KidZone at the Flagler Center Y was September 30, 2020. Flagler Center members have until October 15 to select a new branch and keep their same rate through September 30, 2021. There are five Ys within a 20-minute drive.

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