Virtual Fitness

Our NEW Virtual Y is Here!

With all-new features, you’ll have the feel of being in class while in the comfort of your own home. You can even interact with and see your friends, so you can move toward a healthier lifestyle together. The best part? All of this is included in your Y membership. No extra fees, no hidden charges.

Live Classes On Demand Two-Way Camera
• Instant feedback
• Ask questions with chat feature
• Feel the energy in the room
• Classes fit your schedule
• Invite friends to work out with you
• Start, pause, rewind at your fingertips
• Immersive experience
• Instructors can assist with your form
• See your friends in class

Ready for the Experience?

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While we’re in the beginning launch of this platform—exclusive to Y members—we invite you to share your feedback and let us know how we can improve the entire Y experience for you. This is all new for us and our instructors, too, but we always want to make sure we are doing our best to serve you. Click the button below to share your thoughts.

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Logging In

If you have not created your password

If you already set your password


  • Sweat Points show as a number next to your name on the leaderboard and equate to the number of minutes you’ve watched class on the Virtual Y platform
  • Leaderboard: Earn sweat points for every minute you work out, and compete with friends on the leaderboard in a live class
  • Group chat with all class participants
  • Private DM your friends in class
  • Two-way video functionality on both live and on-demand classes; members can choose to turn their camera on or off
  • “Favorite” classes you love to save them for later. Your favorited classes will show in a row on your homepage.

Share Your Video

  • Our two-way video feature allows you to share your video if you’d like on both live and on-demand classes
  • Members can choose to turn their camera on/off
  • If you click START VIDEO your camera will be enabled and the instructor and other participants will see you
  • Once your video is on, you can choose which “view” you’d like on your screen

Search for Classes

Use the search page to find the class you’re looking for! Click on the search field (top-right of homepage) and press ENTER on your keyboard. You can filter your search by instructor, class type, duration, upcoming or on demand, etc.

In Class

Group Chat & DM
Click on the chat tab to open group chat, where you can message all class participants. You can also click on individual chat bubbles to directly message a friend.

The Leaderboard
See how you stack up against other participants in class on the Leaderboard. The higher the “sweat score” (number of minutes worked out on the platform), the higher the ranking.

Two-Way Video
This features allows you to choose to show your camera, and see other participants in class, in grid view, crew view, or instructor view. Available on BOTH live & on-demand classes.


  • Click Forgot Password on our log in page
  • Check your email inbox associated with your Y membership
  • Once you find the password reset email from us, click the link within that email to set a new password
On our virtual platform, live classes will show under the LIVE heading. Upcoming classes will show under UPCOMING. On-Demand sessions will show under their type (e.g., cardio, strength)
Our entire library of online videos are available to you for streaming 24/7. You’ll also have access to daily live-streamed classes, filmed right from our locations.
For the most optimal workout experience, we recommend using a laptop or desktop computer to stream our classes.

If you’re playing a class session on another device, you must ensure you are running the latest version to hear the music and instructor as seamlessly as possible.

    • Close out your other programs and sites while you’re taking a virtual class
    • Remove excess devices from your wifi. Every open page or app on your laptop or phone takes up wifi, and our live class streams need sold bandwidth to work well.
    • Refreshing your browser, or closing and re-opening the stream, typically fixes a site issue you may be experiencing.
    • Adjust your class settings. Click on the network bars on the bottom-right corner of your class video to lower the video quality based on your internet speed and location.

Take me to the Virtual Y