KidZone: Childcare During Your Workout

Our professional and friendly KidZone staff are available to watch your children while you work out.

Children ages of six weeks to 11 years are welcome, but ages do vary slightly by branch. Children can engage in arts enrichment projects, participate in educational activities and exert energy by playing with friends. The use of KidZone is included with your family’s membership, and parents must remain on the premises. Learn more about our new baby and pregnancy programs, too!

Enrichment Framework

  • Circle Time
  • Heathy Habits
  • Music & Movement
  • Creativity
  • STEM
  • Discovery Centers

Member Testimonies

The (Brooks) YMCA was the very first place I was comfortable leaving my kids while I worked out, with no concern at all about their happiness or safety. This was a very big deal to me especially because my husband was out to sea.

Amber Seekins

The most important thing my child has learned from the Y is how to be around other kids. As an only child with a stay at home mom, the interaction, kids cardio and crafts are wonderful learning opportunities.

Nicole O’Neil Payne

Whether on the wellness floor, at summer day camp or in KidZone, the people and activities will always, in my mind, be thought of as one of the contributing factors that have made me and my daughters productive members of the Jacksonville community.

Paul Carter

The Dye Clay Y holds such sweet memories of a safe place, of our boys growing up in kids zone, and on the soccer field, and bball court sports. And when our oldest passed away at 8, it was a place where everyone knew us, and cared so much. Will always hold such bittersweet memories.

Sophia Dare

Learn, Grow and Thrive

Every effort is continuously made to ensure the safety and well-being of children in our programs each day. Our experienced staff team is dedicated to meeting the physical, emotional and intellectual needs of all children under our care in a safe, nurturing environment.

Academic Support

Children receive help on their homework and take part in educational activities that reinforce what is learned at school. Research shows that children who spend time in constructive learning activities outside of school perform better in the classroom.

Character Development

Our program encourages positive behavior and good choices through character development activities. Children learn the importance of many values, particularly the YMCA’s core values – caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. Children learn how to interact with other children and adults. They learn how to share, make friends and understand other people’s feelings. Through the integration of values-based curriculum and recreation, participants learn and grow while having fun.

Qualified, Professional Staff

In addition to YMCA training, many staff hold professional certifications in childcare and advanced degrees in early childhood education.