Darkness to Light

Know. See. Respond.

When adults know how child sexual abuse happens, see the warning signs, and respond quickly to prevent it, they foster a culture of child sexual abuse prevention. Together, we can bring awareness to the issue of child sexual abuse in our communities and have important conversations around how we can all work together to prevent it from happening.

The First Coast YMCA is able to offer FREE child sex abuse prevention training online for the Northeast Florida community. It’s called Darkness to Light Stewards of Children and the curriculum is meant to empower adults through awareness and educational programs to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to childhood sexual abuse. This training is offered in both English and Spanish.


Download the online training user guide.

The training is two hours, contains a mix of survivor stories, expert advice, and practical guidance for prevention of child sexual abuse. Child sexual abuse is a tough topic. Some of the survivor stories may affect you in a personal way. These stories reflect the personal experiences of actual survivors. These are the experiences children face when they are sexually abused, thus Darkness to Light chooses to include them.

Someone is available for you to talk about any needs you have through the Darkness to Light helpline at 1-866-FOR-LIGHT (1-866-367-5444).

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For more information about scheduling a group training for your organization, email Tammy Miller.

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