WORDout of the Day

Exercise your lexicon, stretch your vocabulary, and let’s get in some physical activity!

As part of our Better Us Challenge October 25 – November 22, we’re bringing back a workout favorite – WORDOUT OF THE DAY. 

Here’s how it works:

Each day, we’ll reveal a new word or that day’s workout on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You complete the exercises that correspond to each letter in the word. For example, if the word is “YMCA,” you will need to do (Y) 10 Hip Raises, (M) 20 Mountain Climbers, (C) 10 Crunches, (A) 30-Second Army Crawl. It’s that easy!

Below is a list of exercises that correspond to each letter of the alphabet. View our Exercise Library for demonstrations of the movements.


Pro tip: Save the image above to your phone as an easy-access reference. Just tap and hold down on the image. Then, tap “Save Image.” The list of exercises will now be in your Photos.

View Exercise Library

We encourage you to challenge your friends by sharing our posts each day and tagging them in the challenge. Record yourself performing the workout and share with us by mentioning @FirstCoastYMCA. Get your kids and family involved and come up with new words to do together.