Youth Sports

Our youth sports programs keep kids active, teach friendly competition and introduce healthy practices for life.

Youth Soccer, Basketball, Flag Football and Volleyball league play is included with Household Memberships*! Other Youth Sports & Play Programs include Gymnastics and Dance, Martial Arts, Swim Team, Sports Camps, Tennis and Esports.

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Welcome to the YMCA of Florida’s First Coast Sports!

We are extremely honored that you have chosen the YMCA for you and/or your child’s recreational sports outlet.  At the Y, we believe all participants (young and old) deserve quality programming.  Our goal is to provide sports programs that foster character and leadership development, healthy living, fundamental sports instruction, competition, sportsmanship, teamwork, and loads of recreational fun!

We also pledge to give you our best and to serve you and/or your child in sport, character, and mentorship.  At the YMCA our sports program goal is three-fold:

First, to provide top-notch sports programs that are designed to teach and strengthen the skills of every participant through fun and competitive play.  

Second, through key attributes such as teamwork and sportsmanship, we strive to instill and develop the YMCA character values of Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility.

Third, we work to ensure every participant enjoys the time they spend in our programs and with the friends they gain through fun competition.

Our mission and message are accomplished by our sports team in many forms through a variety of youth and adult sports programs and leagues.  Be sure to check out each sport category to find a program and location that fits you or your child’s passion.

On behalf of the YMCA and its sports team, thanks for letting us serve you and your family through sport, character, and mentorship.



Who can participate?
Boys and girls ages 2-17 are eligible to participate. The starting age may vary depending on the sport.

What type of membership do I need to be eligible for complimentary youth sports participation?
You will need to have a Household 1 (at least one parent and one child) or Household 2 (two parents and any number of children) membership.

What youth sports are included with household memberships?
Youth Basketball (Winter & Summer), Youth Outdoor/Indoor Soccer (Fall & Spring), Youth Flag Football (Fall & Spring) & Youth Volleyball (Fall & Spring)

What is the uniform package fee for members?
The uniform package includes the required uniform per sports and an end-of-season award that are kept by the athlete. The fee is up to $45 per season per sport. The cost varies by sport and location.

Can I play at another First Coast YMCA location if my First Coast YMCA doesn’t offer the sport my child wants to play?
Yes, you can play at any First Coast YMCA location.

I have more than one child. Can each child participate in youth sports?
Yes, each child on the household membership is eligible for complimentary participation in one sport per season. The uniform package fee will be required for each child.

Can a child play more than one sport during a season?
Yes, but you will pay the full non-member rate for the second sport.

What if I cancel my membership during the season I received complimentary sports?
You must remain a YMCA member through the end of the sport season or there will be an additional charge.

Do I have to be a member for my child to play youth sports at the Y?
No, there is a non-member rate.

If I register for youth sports as a non-member, will I need to pay an additional uniform fee?
No, the uniform fee is included in the non-member youth sport program rate.

What is the difference in the member rate versus non-member rate?
While members do pay a uniform package fee, they are still saving at least 75% on the cost of youth sports versus non-members.

Is financial assistance available?
Yes, both members and non-members are eligible to apply for financial assistance for youth sports.