Corporate Wellness

Make Better Health a Perk. Let the Y help you inspire a healthier, happier and more productive employee.

Our Corporate Wellness Program provides a variety of benefits to help individuals exercise regularly, build stronger bonds with their coworkers, achieve greater work/life balance and become more engaged with their community.

Employee Benefits

Participating Corporate Partners

Employer Benefits

Improve Absenteeism
Employee wellness programs reduce the stress, depression, injury or illness that employees are experiencing in the workplace, causing them to spend fewer days away from work due to illness.

Decrease Health Care Costs
Employers have a vested interest in health-related issues and reducing unnecessary medical costs.

Improve Productivity
Improved employee productivity plays a big role in the success of a company.

Reduce Injuries
Healthy employees are at a lower risk for injury than those who are unhealthy with multiple risk factors

Improve Employee Morale and Retention
Companies that sponsor an employee wellness program send a clear message to their employees that executive leadership values their overall well-being.

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