YMCA Tiger Academy

We’re celebrating more than a decade of excellence at YMCA Tiger Academy, where we approach the education of each child with a commitment to helping them grow in spirit, mind and body!

YMCA Tiger Academy is the First Coast YMCA’s free public charter school, serving PRE-K through 5th Grade for Northwest Jacksonville families since 2009. We believe school should be more than a place to learn reading, writing and arithmetic. With a heavy emphasis on college readiness, Tiger scholars begin touring colleges and universities in 3rd grade. All classrooms adopt a university and each class of scholars are known by the year they will graduate.

Did You Know?

  • 195 Days | Tiger Academy scholars attend school three weeks longer than students in other public schools.
  • Top 3% | Tiger Academy was ranked in the top 3% of charter schools in the state of Florida.
  • 8 out of 10 | 80% of Tiger Academy scholars qualify for free or reduced school lunch.

Our Vision

At Tiger Academy, our vision is to provide the children of Northwest Jacksonville with a structure and nurturing learning environment that is focused on vigorous academic standards, character development, self-discipline, personal and social responsibility and family involvement.

Tiger Academy Needs

  • $1M annually
  • $25,000 will provide classroom sponsorship and engagement for one school year
  • $2,500 supports one Tiger scholar for one school year
  • $1,000 to earn your “Tiger Stripes” to help cover the state funding gap

We need to bridge the $1,000,000 gap in funding annually to cover the cost of Tiger Academy’s longer school day and school year, as well as provide scholarship opportunities for higher education. Together, we can ensure that all students at Tiger will realize their potential and grow academically, socially and personally.
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