“Adventures” in Painting: Dads & Kids Team Up at Camp Immokalee

With paintbrushes in hand, fathers and children in the Ponte Vedra YMCA Adventure Guides and Princesses programs gave Camp Immokalee a makeover just in time for Winter Camp!

Adventure Guides and Princesses leaders, who are also active members of the Camp Immokalee Alumni Association, organized the work day to repaint the Archery Range facility.

Everyone had fun and MOST of the paint ended up on the Archery Range 🙂

Thank you to the following volunteers:
Ron Pickee
Brad Nestor
Dan Parker
Sean Weldon
ED Houston
Marcus Barcarrio
Jeff McNiel
Riley Hernandez
Ruby Hernandez
Ted Pelot
Kate Pelot
Shawn Riley
Abrielle Riley
Russ Young
Paige Young
Scott Fretz – Calusa
Valerie Fretz
Ron Natherson
Laney Natherson

Adventure Guides and Princesses programs at the Ponte Vedra YMCA gives fathers and their children the unique opportunity to participate in activities that teach character development, build leadership skills and encourage positive behaviors. Whether it’s camping, bowling, horseback riding or volunteering, children build stronger bonds with their fathers and make memories that will last a lifetime.