Arthritis is a painful joint stiffness and inflammation affecting 1 in 5 Americans. That is approximately 52.5 million Americans, 50% of which are adults over the age of 65. Making Arthritis the most common cause of disability in the US.

Though there is no known cure, Low-intensity physical activity has been proven to reduce pain, improve functioning, elevate mood, and delay disability.

EnhanceFitness is a group exercise program that uses easy to learn movements. As a participant, you have the ability to track your performance and improve using validated information. Endorsed by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, we are proud to be offering this program at many of our Family Facilities at the YMCA’s of Florida’s First Coast.

EnhanceFitness (formerly Lifetime Fitness) is an evidence-based, community-delivered exercise program proven to increase strength, boost activity levels, and elevate mood. Certified EF instructors offer a program that focuses on stretching, flexibility, balance, low impact aerobics, and strength training exercises.

Classes meet three times a week for one hour and implement these 5 physical activity components:

  • Warm-up
  • Aerobic/Cardio
  • Cool Down
  • Strength Training
  • Flexibility/ Stretch

The strengthening exercises focus on major muscle groups using ankle and wrist weights, and ALL movements can be modified for each participant. Not to mention the opportunity to make new friends and be in a supportive environment.

To learn more about the program and its benefits, check out this segment from First Coast News.

Upcoming Classes

This program is being funded by a federal grant from the Administration of Community Living as part of the Florida Falls Prevention project.

To sign up for a class or to learn more visit the Welcome Center  or  email myhealth@fcymca.org.