Are you and your family up to date on vaccinations?

A DOT makes a difference!

Make sure you and your family are Dosing on Time (DOT, get it?) and check out the CDC recommendation schedule for you and your family, from newborn to 100, and special information for medical conditions that you or your family might have. Keep the community of Northeast Florida in good health by updating your vax in Jax!

Immunizations for All Ages

Vaccines stimulate the body’s immune system (the body’s ability to fight germs and sickness) to provide natural protection against preventable diseases, making infants and children stronger from within. Click on an icon below to learn more:

Infants & Children

Teens & Adolescents


Expecting Mothers

Helpful Resources:

Vaccinations include all vaccines, including the COVID-19 vaccine. As an organization committed to health equity —ensuring all people have access to health-promoting resources and can overcome the barriers to good health—the First Coast YMCA is serving as a key leader and partner in providing equitable access to all vaccinations including the COVID-19 vaccine and supporting communities as we continue post pandemic.