“I Hated Working Out!”


Tim Burrows | Director of Healthy Living Innovations: Impact & Achievement

We know we could all use a little encouragement, motivation and support to stay focused on our goals. At the Flagler Center YMCA, we know how important a support system can be, and we are here to help you every step of the way. A great way to get started is with 1-on-1 Personal Training (PT)! Working out with a Certified Personal Trainer at any First Coast YMCA is a great way to keep you accountable, healthy and motivated. PT is for everyone regardless of age or fitness level.

For Rebeca Aguilera, a member at the Brooks Family YMCA, teaming up with a personal trainer was transformational, especially since she admits that she hated working out. Her initial goal was to reduce body fat, lower her high blood pressure and lose 20 pounds. But Rebeca’s trainer helped her exceed expectations.

“When I saw the difference of how well I felt and looked…I kept progressing until I got to 35 pounds. I hated going to the gym so I really wasn’t going to push myself at all but he continued to push me because he knew I could do better. So now when I work out by myself I always hear him in the back of my heading saying, ‘You can do it. Go. Go. Go.’ It’s great motivation.”

According to the American Council on Exercise, these are the top five reasons to hire a personal trainer:

  1. Motivation– Personal trainers wear many hats, serving not only as coach, but as an educator, confidant, role model and a major source of motivation and encouragement as well.
  2. Consistency– Scheduling regular appointments with a personal trainer helps eliminate any excuses you might come up with for not exercising.
  3. Safety– A personal trainer will show you how to exercise safely (including which exercises to avoid) and instruct you on the proper and safe use of exercise equipment.
  4. Individualized Instruction– What works for one person, may not work for another when it comes to choosing an exercise program. A personal trainer will develop the most effective program for you based on your fitness evaluation results and personal goals. Beginners in particular benefit from instruction on how to perform specific exercises and program planning.
  5. Effective Workouts– Personal trainers help maximize your time by providing workouts designed to meet your goals quickly and efficiently.

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